First-Time Buyers

As a first time home buyer I had many questions and concerns about the home buying process. I was concerned about lenders, the amount of money needed for a down payment and closing costs, and most importantly, finding the perfect house for my husband and I to call home. I consider myself very lucky to have had Mary Ann Heimark to help me find an answer and solution to all of my concerns and questions.
I found that through the home-buying experience it is extremely important to find a real estate agent you can trust. Someone who can provide you with educated opinions and someone who can refer you to trustworthy sources. From the beginning Mary Ann put my husband and I in contact with a lender so we could understand what we could afford and what the costs associated with different types of loans were. By doing this, it ensured that we were never blind-sided by costs at any point in the process and that we were looking at homes that we were comfortable making an offer on. Once we had an idea of what we were looking for we were then comfortable going to see houses.
Given our tight time frame due to renting and the end of our lease quickly approaching we would go on a marathon house-viewing trips (per my request). My husband and I were interested in multiple areas of the city as well as Conshohocken. It was important to me to see a variety of different houses and areas so I could feel comfortable in my decision. Mary Ann not only came prepared, but she showed up with an energy and enthusiasm that made the long days of house viewing fun. She was never pushy but always had insightful and helpful opinions. She always found a way to accommodate our last minute requests and she planned our house visits in a logical order based on location.
Once we were ready to place an offer, Mary Ann gave us an educated suggestion on what we should offer. She thoroughly explained her reasoning but also listened to our concerns and our opinions. Once we concluded what our offer would be, Mary Ann worked with our mortgage company to complete the paperwork. For anyone who’s bought a house before, you can understand how much paperwork there is! I can honestly say that with her proactive approach with our lender this portion of the process went seamlessly. As we predicted, our initial offer was not accepted. During negotiations Mary Ann was very mindful of our budget and kept the total cost within what we could afford. In the end, she negotiated a price that allowed us to buy the house that we live in now (and love!).
Buying our first house was certainly a huge milestone for my husband and me. Having a real estate agent that I could trust and someone who I truly believe had our best interest in mind was an invaluable part of this experience. Whereas home buying can at times be stressful, my husband and I look back at our experience with such positive thoughts and I know that this is largely attributed to our experience with Mary Ann. I would highly recommend her to any new home buyer and would certainly go back to her if my husband and I decided to buy another home in the area.